Monday, 11 January 2010

Jo Han-sun marries Jung Hae-jung

Actor Jo Han-sun (29) tied the knot with his baby’s mama Jung Hae-jung at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul on Jan 9.

Solemn: The couple going through the wedding vows in their minds

The 27-year-old bride is a graduate art student. The couple met through friends in 2007.

Jo has appeared in movies such as Lost and Found (2008) and Attack the Gas Station 2 (2009).

Happiness: Is when the couple is pronounced "Man and wife"

About 1,000 people turned up for the wedding where actor Kim Soo-ro played the master of ceremonies while actor Baek Yoon-sik officiated the ceremony.

Kiss: One of the newlyweds' wedding photos

Among the South Korean stars that attended the wedding are Kim Sun-ah, Oh Ji-ho and Kim Jong-kook.

Kim Kang-woo: Marine Boy takes to land
for the event

Kim Jong-kook: 'If they're serving shark's fin soup,
I'm out of there.'

Oh Ji-ho: 'Whoa, they have suckling pig on
the menu? Awesome!'

Kim Sun-ah: 'Gosh, I think I left my handphone
in the car.'

Kim Soo-ro: 'Gotta get the names of the newlyweds right: Jo Han-sun,
Jung Hae-jung, Jo Han-sun, Jung Hae-jung....'

Sources: Newsen & Hancinema



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