Monday, 11 January 2010

SuJu’s Sorry Sorry is top selling K-album in the Philippines

There’s nothing to apologise for when your album is the only K-pop album appearing in the 2009 Top 25 Best-selling Albums list.

Big hit: Sorry Sorry is much loved in the Philippines

Super Junior, a 13-member South Korean boyband, has raked in a substantial amount of sales for their 3rd album at Music One stores from Jan to Dec 2009.

Music One, which is one of the Philippines’ largest music retail stores, reports that SuJu’s 3rd album Sorry Sorry is sitting prettily at the No.10 spot of its Top 25 Best-selling Albums list.

According to Universal Records, Sorry Sorry debuted at #1 on the Music One Album Chart just three days after its release in Sept 2009. The group now holds the distinction of being the first K-pop artist to reach No.1 in album sales in the Philippines.

Three months after its release in the Philippines, Sorry Sorry went gold making it the first K-pop album to go gold in the Philippines.

Congratulations to Super Junior for their outstanding achievement.

I wonder how they fared in Malaysia? Anyone working for the record label selling SuJu’s album?

Don’t know what Sorry Sorry sounds like? Quickly hit the play button below, or be very sorry.

Source: The Korea Times

Super Junior The 3rd Album Sorry Sorry

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Miss Healerzz said...

Warner Music produced Sorry Sorry Malaysian version and was loved quite a lot that Speedy put on the rack for 'Hot Selling Album' ^^ But idk about the other stores as well :D Who knows the exact numbers of the albums sold here? Triplets of K-Popped should investigate!! XD

Thank you so much for the heads up<3


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