Thursday, 7 January 2010

Lee Da-hae talks about The Slave Hunters co-star Jang Hyuk

Apparently, Jang Hyuk is rather strange.

Strange: Jang Hyuk likes to ponder upon life...all the time

Lee Da-hae, who portrays a runaway slave in the KBS drama The Slave Hunters, recalls a bizarre incident that happened right after filming a make out scene with Jang Hyuk.

“I had a kiss scene with him in the drama Robber (Bulhandang) and I have one again in The Salve Hunters (Chuno). Right after doing the scene, he suddenly asked me, with utter seriousness: ‘What do you want to be in 10 years' time?’”

Soul searching question: Lee Da-hae worries over what she
will be in 10 years' time

It looks like Jang Hyuk likes to surprise those around him with soul searching questions/ stories.

His other The Slave Hunters co-star also has a strange Jang Hyuk story to tell.

Oh Ji-ho said: “I ate with him after shooting an action scene then I had to talk with him about life for the next two hours. It was difficult because I was tired and also sleepy after the meal.”

To which Kim Soo-ro interjected: “Two hours is nothing! I worked with him in Volcano High for almost a year and he told me life stories all the time!”

What is the meaning of life?: Oh Ji-ho (pic above)
finds talking to Jang Hyuk after a heavy meal...tiring

So what does Jang Hyuk have to say about his quirky behaviour? While he admitted that he is a serious person, he also added: “I only did that to be closer to you guys.”

The celebrities talked about this during the KBS 2TV programme Happy Together: Season 3.

Catch the quirky Jang Hyuk and his fellow co-stars Lee Da-hae and Oh Ji-ho in The Slave Hunters, which will be airing on KBS World (Astro Channel 303) on Feb 3 at 9pm.

Source: MSN News with translations by Joe Gimm

The Slave Hunters will reach Malaysia on Feb 3


Ayumi said...

Haha, interesting that Jang-Hyuk is so philosophical and always so serious about 'life'!

Read from daum that
the 1st ep of 'Chuno' (that was aired last night in Korea) was a huuuuge success!
'daum' dubbed Jang Hyuk as a 'beast (gym-seung-nahm)' hunky actor.

JH would be one of the main reasons I can't wait to see this drama~

After 'Iris' (that I'm enjoying enormously every Wed/Thurs, hehe) is over, Chuno will be aired on KBS World in Feb.

Have a feeling that 'mysoju' will be soon uploading the drama ^^

Chuno trailer

Liz said...

Hi Ayumi, Chuno was well received in Korea, huh? Awesome possum! I hope I can watch it when it reaches our shores :-)

Ayumi said...

Yeah, Liz, the 2nd ep was said to be more intriguing and more watched, according to my mom~!
I hope you'll have time to watch it...Ahhh, can't wait~*


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