Wednesday, 6 January 2010

4Minute and BEAST celebrate Universal Music deal

Cube Entertainment has great plans for its artists. The talent agency inked an agreement with US music label Universal Music on Jan 4.

2010 화이팅!: 4Minute and BEAST are all ready for the challenges ahead

This means music from Cube Entertainment’s artists will be licensed and distributed under the Universal Music banner in the Asia-Pacific region with the option of expanding their influence to other overseas markets.

Fantastic: 'We have a deal with Universal Music...
we're so excited...we just can't hide it.'

Girl group 4Minute and idol group BEAST were out and about yesterday evening (Jan 5) for the 2010 Cube Star Party, which was held at the Melon Ax Hall in Seoul. Their agency took the opportunity to announce the good news (and we bet the talents had a blast celebrating it).

Congratulations to the Cube Entertainment team!

Sources: Newsen & The Korea Herald


Wawa said...

i'm kinda excited to see BEAST's album in Malaysia market!!!! ;)

Liz said...

Wawa! Are you with Universal Music?

Yeah it would be great to see more Korean artists on our local music store shelves :-)

Wawa said...

hehehe... no i'm not Liz!

now i need JYPE to do the same thing! hahaha...

Arin said...

I was browsing through Universal Music Malaysia's facebook and they posted the link of 4minute's official twitter on their FB. There was also a 4minute fan who asked whether they'll be dropping by in Malaysia and they replied, "Updates will be posted once the dates are confirmed"..

I'm not putting on high hopes but I do hope that they'll come to Malaysia for promotion or something. ;)


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