Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Song Seung-hun and Han Ye-seul for LG Whisen

Song Seung-hun and Han Ye-seul appeared to the press together on Jan 5 at the Millennium Hilton Hotel.

Cool: Han Ye-seul (left) and Song Seung-hun
chill by the air con

The pair were just doing their duty as the spokespersons of the Whisen Air Conditioner from LG Electronics.

Explain: 'Yes, this isn't a fridge. It's a "Human Care"
aircon.' (whatever that means :-P)

Check out one of their CFs below.


HL said...

hello ^^ i really like your blog :D !! But i always wanted to know where you get all these informations?
Do you reade newspaper or korean articles in the internet ? ._.

keep doing your work ^_^ !

HL said...

oh and the woman in the CF kinda looks like kim ta hae xD ...
i really enjoy watching korean-commercials xD the ones in Germany are so lame and boriing x__x...

Liz said...

Hi HL, thanks for the kind words. The sources for the article are listed at the end of it. There is where we get the news:-)

We hope to see more of you here :-)


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