Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Brown Eyed Girls in Singapore on Feb 27

…and they’re going to hold a full concert at the Sundown Festival LIVE PARTY at Zouk. Woweee Kazowee.

Live in Singapore: Brown Eyed Girls will cast their spell
on Singaporeans again

Yes, your Abracadabra songbirds will magically appear in The Lion City once again for more hip-swaying action. Special guest appearances for the show include Singapore-based Korean singer Lee An and Sachoom dance performers.

Want FREE tickets to the concert?

You’ve got to know the looks of each Brown Eyed Girl (BEG) like the back of your hand. That’s because you’ll need to dress up like them and strike your fiercest BEG pose.

Vogue: Pose like BEG and win free tickets to their full concert on Feb 27

The group category offers winners 4 FREE tickets to the concert while the individual category offers 1 free ticket to the show. Details of the contest can be found here. Contest ends on Feb 19, so me thinks you’d best stop munching on those CNY goodies and start striking a pose.

If you can't bother to play dress up, you can get your tickets at S$98 at HMV 313 Somerset & HMV Citylink (until Feb 26) while tickets can also be bought at the entrance for S$118. And if you're below 16 years of age, you can just forget about the show altogether because you're not allowed in. Heh.

Brown Eyed Girls at Seoul’d Out 2009 in Singapore

Celebrate Black Day with Lee An

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varms said...

Noooo, why Singapore... I wish I could go and I would have, if it was in KL...


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