Tuesday, 16 February 2010

SS501 Concert in Thailand

Kim Hyun Joong sayin' even though he didn't get to come,
he absolutely LOVES Malaysian girls...

I write this entry with a heavy heart. Malaysians were so close to watching SS501 live in concert last December, but it didn't materialize. By now, we are not surprised anymore. Our friends in Thailand just have all the luck.

Korean boyband SS501 performed in Thailand on 13 February. The boys were on their Asian tour PERSONA which took them to six asian countries with concerts in Seoul, Japan, Taiwan, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Thailand.
SS501 performed at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand.

SS501 will conclude their PERSONA tour in Seoul with concerts at Seoul Gymnastics stadium on 27 and 28 February, 2010.

Here are pics of SS501 in action!

Kim Hyun Joong leads the pack and belts out "I'm your man"

SS501 strikes a pose

Fan girls go berserk at the sight of 'em lovely boys

Source & pics credit: Newsen

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Liz said...

Ha ha ha ha ha, too funny how Malaysia is always overlooked.

How come the Thai organizers have no problems bringing popular Korean acts in and Malaysian organizers can't/ have trouble doing it?

zalilah said...

i hope super junior can heal my broken heart..ㅋㅋㅋ..wish next year maybe SS501 will come to malaysia.let's pray..*finger cross*

Payad said...

I tink coz the fan base is way bigger in Thailand than in malaysia. I think lar. they have Nickhun of 2PM from thai and Kpop songs always get place at their radio station while in malaysia i need to listen to MY FM to wait for rain's song T___T(when rainism is very very popular at that time), and now the radio station keeps on playing nobody.

it's good but I really hope they realise there are a lot more good korean songs and hopefully one day they can introduce a segment only for kpop songs like Hotfm have currently for Indonesia's songs.pray hard**

miamihero said...

this is such a waste.. they should take us fans seriously.. we are always being disappointed. over and over again. :(

Liz said...

Yeah, I think Payad has a point there. We don't even have a dedicated radio programme for Kpop songs on local radio.

Maybe Red FM or Hitz.fm should have a Kpop radio programme. Hee hee.

Orchid said...

or 98.8!

AozoraXoxO said...

dorky msian kpop news & spazzes!

omg yeah totally, i wiiishh SOMEONE would take the initiative in this country. it would be a total hit! kpop all the way cmon.

seriously fti has like boycotted our bad organizing or sumthing, they've hit evry single friggin country in the ASIA!
-phillipines, thailand, taiwan, japan, hongkong, & now indonesia!
all around msia forreal.

pisses me off.
plus! i thk ive only heard once kara's pretty girl on my.fm. i hav no idea wat the dj's are talking about, i dont kno chinese & i cant just wait forever for a kpop song to come out.

AozoraXoxO said...

haha i thk fly.fm has a higher chance than hitz, cuz they're too fuddled with playing over & over the same 5 songs. & they're ehem "#1 english radio station"..

Wawa said...

one main problem: SPONSORS!!!

m'sia always have problem to find a sponsor for the events... m'sia market for k-pop is not as big as thai!


Singapore is not much better than Malaysia. Now the trend here is "used them once, let's use them again" >< . Can't organisers be more adventurous?? BEG is coming back. Shinee too. FTI has been here 3 times. They are good (I love Hong Ki) but enough already .... please!

I'm not an SJ fan but at least they are going to MY next month. And DBSG has performed TWICE in MY. SG?? Zilch.

Siti said...

i dont understand .im pretty sure that malaysian sponsor for the event afraid to take risk.afraid if the consert wont got attension ..afraid to lose money!!greedy man!let me be the sponsor than!try to remember...beyonce concert also been canceled for the unknown reason...and many more outsiders artist!what is malaysia prob????tell us!

im totally pissed off.!
i read AGAIN abt ft island issue in 2008.the tears is still there.!disspointed ..

erieynn aka liza said...

well.. i was there in the concert...

with us is a huge MALAYSIA LED sign that i managed to smuggle in the stadium to show the boys that they have fans in malaysia. i am about 90% sure Leader Hyun joong said Malaysia, at the end of concert before saying, "see you next time" to all fans... (please see fancam)

been to Bangkok for many concert and u can see how different it is compare to Malaysia. they done it very well. from their arrival to Bangkok, the hotel management, press conference, meet n greet with fans, to the concert itself. malaysia will never be in that stage, at least in this few years.

lets just hope suju supershow 2 will be all good for sake of future concert in malaysia.

Liz said...

So I guess we are "not there" yet, huh? Especially in terms of professionalism when handling Korean stars? I hear they are not an easy bunch to deal with too :-P

I thought the Rain concert back in 2007 was wonderfully organised. The atmosphere outside the concert venue was fantastic - you could feel the excitement in the air, and the show itself was, of course, superb.

But I think the company that organised the event has gone kaput.

I went for the 2nd TVXQ concert in Malaysia (at Stadium Merdeka) and it was a disappointment. The venue, the organisation, the seating - bleh.

I guess it takes a whole lotta money to bring Kpop's big names to Malaysia. Maybe bringing in Kpop stars doesn't have a good track record here in Malaysia -- that's why potential sponsors are so wary.

AozoraXoxO said...

eff that man that sux.
liz, orchid, rooster u guys so should quit ur jobs rite now & organize a new radio station in msia playing jkpop!

i thk ud be so much happier as djs & duh it'll be an awesome hit! XD

Liz said...

^^ ha ha ha now that's a thought. But we could be so incompetent when handling the console that instead of Kpop tunes we hit the Hindi selection or something :-)

Maybe Serena C can host a Kpop radio programme because she digs Rain...and hopefully other Kpop acts as well :-P

my_acacia said...

erieynn..i see the fancam...sadly he didn't say malaysia...he is saying formal ways of saying goodbye:

ann nyung hi ga se yo (when you're the one leaving)

i dunno what'a the reason the don't come here? Anyone know why?


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