Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The free Crunchyroll premium account goes to...

Thank you to all readers who took time out to enter the 7 Crunchyroll premium accounts giveaway!

Below are the list of those selected to receive the free upgrades.

4 x 3-month drama membership

1. Ayahu
2. applejojo
3. cdngrl
4. coney

2 x 1-year drama membership
1. captainkt9
2. annieh0287

1 x 1-year anime & drama membership
1. sierra_86

Your Crunchyroll accounts have been upgraded. Please check it out!

Seven Crunchyroll premium accounts to be given away


Anonymous said...

wow thank you so much!! i'm going to go on a drama watching frenzy now & try to finish all the dramas i haven't seen before

Anonymous said...

thank you so much k-popped and crunchyroll! :D

Sera said...

Wow, this just made my year. Thanks a lot...

Liz said...

Welcome, friends. I hope the rest know they have upgraded accounts as well :-)

stevieY said...

Woah, thanks.
You're the best. kimchi kiss ♥ for everyone! Spread the love.


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