Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Lee Hyori to return with Bring It Back

I thought Bring It Back is Hwanhee’s song?

Oh well, making another claim for the Bring It Back title is Lee Hyori. The sexy popstar is set to release her 4th album either at the end of Feb or early March.

Just you wait: 'Cos Hyori can't wait to Bring It Back

The 31-year-old will collaborate with some of the hottest girl group members in town. She will be working alongside After School’s Bekah and 4minute’s Jun Ji-yoon. The young ‘uns will apparently lend their ability to wax lyrical to the heavily hip hop track.

And so, all Lee Hyori fans wait with bated breath to see if the Hey Girl singer still has got what it takes to top the Kpop music charts.

Source: Newsen

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Ayumi said...

Would be better if she'd sing solo...
Am sick and tired of similar looking gal groups who just can't sing but try to look sexy;
it was appalling and super-scary to have witnessed my 5 yr old niece making a sexy move, trying to imitate some girl groups, hahaha.

Anyway, thanks for da news~

Off the topic, but really wanna tell you guys that
at 9 pm TONIGHT, Chuno ("Slave Huners": 'Chu' means 'chasing', 'No' meaning slave) on KBS World.

Just the fact the super-hot, Jang Hyuk and Oh Jiho will appear is the reason I wanna watch.
They were told to make their bodies like the warriors in '300' by the director.

For dudes....Lee Da-hae also bears her skin a lot, which has been controversial in Korea.
Anyway, it's the hottest drama currently in Korea with its TV rating of 30~40%!!!

Liz said...

Hi Ayumi,

Yeah, I can't for Chuno tonight! :-)

Ayumi said...

Sorry to reply to this article ^^.

But I lurrrved the 1st ep of Chuno last night!!
Oh Jiho might be appearing more from the 2nd ep.

Shot by a movie camera, the cinematography and the editing were great!
It is said that Jang Hyuk didn't use a stuntman; he's like a professional jul-kwon-do player! The story was fast-paced and the fighting choreography was super-awesome.
There are some comic moments as well..
It seems quite different than usual Korean sah-geuk (historical dramas).

Can't wait for the second ep tonite, hehe

Liz said...

Hi Ayumi, yeah I like the show too. Will the repeat be during the weekend? I missed the second episode because of a birthday dinner.

Ayumi said...

I checked the Astro Guidebook last night - according to it, it will rerun at 11:10 am (11:10~13:30) this Sunday.

Hopefully, it's true cuz sometimes we can't trust the Astro Guidebook.

Oh, BTW, I absolutely love the supporting actors, too! ^^

Liz said...

Thanks Ayumi! You're such a sweetheart.

Ayumi said...

My pleasure, Liz~
Hope you've enjoyed the 2nd ep today!

Guys, sorry to talk bout 'Chuno' in this thread ^^. Have a relaxing Sunday~*


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