Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Kim Junho a.k.a Zuno in Singapore on May 1

Yes, the elder twin brother of Xiah Junsu (of super popular group TVXQ) is making his way to Singapore on May 1 and of course, ‘lil bro Junsu will be there for support.

Kim Junho a.k.a. Zuno will hold a showcase in the Lion City with Junsu making a special guest appearance.

In the family: Zuno (right) and his younger twin brother Junsu
will be in Singapore on May 1

Fans of the pair can sign up for a fan club membership package from the organisers, Quest Group.

Depending on which package you subscribe to, you will receive one (1) complimentary Zuno Showcase 2010 ticket, get to attend the autograph and photo-taking session, one (1) Zuno CD and exclusive fan club member privileges. The packages available range from S$150 – S$280 (RM362 – RM676).

Closing date for the membership package application is March 15 or until all complimentary tickets have been snapped up, whichever comes first.

Message to fans: Lovingly written by Zuno

For more information on this happening event, please go to Zuno Showcase in Singapore 2010 or the FB Quest Group Fan Page for the latest information.

Source: K-popped! reader Delilah Kwee


g.rey said...

singapore again...T_T

g.rey said...

forgot the wish k-popped trio GONG XI FA TA CHAI!!!!!!!

p/s the cny illustrations is way cute!!!

Liz said...

Thanks for the wish g.rey :-)

Orchid said...

Didn't know Xiah had a twin brother!

Resource said...

OMG! i read somewhere someone called the company quest and overheard a conversation of the male staff who was talking to the other party that HERO is indeed coming down on a personal visit but not to say anything yet!!! they are keeping good news from us??? i want to see HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liz said...

So Hero will be going to Singapore too? Kewl, if that happens. You Singaporeans are sure lucky! :-D

Haney Fateha said...

oh.. my.. god.. xiah..

elephunkkk said...

Hi, i have one ticket to the showcase here, selling it off only at $50 because I have something on that day which just came up to me suddenly ):

Do let me know if you are interested at:

Thanks alot! :D


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