Monday, 22 February 2010

Rain and other Hallyu Stars at Lotte World Star Avenue

South Korea’s Hallyu stars gathered at the Lotte World Star Avenue in Songpa-gu, Seoul this morning (Feb 22).

Hallyu stars: Donating some of their fav personal items for the
showcase at Lotte World Star Avenue

The stars at the event were Rain (real name: Jung Ji-hoon), Song Seung-heon, Jisung, Choi Ji-woo, Park Yong-ha and idol group Big Bang (minus T.O.P.). They donated more of their favourite items to the exhibition hall that already showcases their personal belongings and wardrobe.

Rain's item: 'Here are my fav headphones, complete with
my ear wax. Please enjoy.'

Choi Ji-woo's invite: 'Please come visit the section
showcasing my stuff.'

Jisung: 'Darn, I left my gift in the car.'

Big Bang: G-Dragon (right) contemplates which Transformers
figurine he should give away

Song Seung-hun: 'I'll make like a wax figure and stand in a corner
of my showcase hall, how about that?'

Park Yong-ha: 'Where's the partay, y'all?'

Opened in July 2009, the Lotte World Star Avenue is a segmented exhibition hall that showcases items of these select Hallyu stars. It also allows fans to get “in touch” with the stars through e-fan mails.

Shucks, the Star Avenue wasn't opened yet back in 2008, when we made our visit to Seoul. I guess we will have to…visit Seoul again? :-P

Black & White: Rain (right) and Choi Ji-woo
pay homage to MJ

Source: Newsen


Payad said...

whoa..seing rain and choi ji woo stand side by side, make me thnking. why dun kbs get them to act together in a a drama. make a series like the daljae the spring " young guy - not so old but old lady love story".

I really like choi ji woo in WS =)

Serene said...

Is it me or does Park Yong-ha look like he piled on the kilos?

Choi Ji-woo looks regally elegant as always

Big Bang - no commento

Serene said...

Song Seung-hun - suave

Rain - why does he always wear shades, even indoors???????????

Christina said...

to answerr serene's question...
rain wears shades indoorr becausee of how MJ also wears his shades indoor. LOL.
justt a reasoon i thoughht of.
butt it could be something else too.
Song Seung-Hun, Big Bang, Rain, Jisung & Choi Ji-woo looks extravagently amazing.
;) !

Dennis Lim said...

i just realise that Seung Ri does bear a slight resemblance to Song Seung Hun.

Song Seung hun is always standing next to Choi Ji Woo ( both of them were standing in the same position during the July 2009 event )..He looks compatible with Ji Woo ...


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