Saturday, 27 February 2010

Kim Min-hee prefers Decadence

Actress / model Kim Min-hee (Love Marriage) dons Decadence’s Spring 2010 collection for a pictorial recently.

A Decadence representative stated that the talent exudes charisma and confidence, which suits the brand’s image.

Modelling: 'Just selling 'em shoes.'

The Spring 2010 collection is named Slender & Chic. Uh-huh, look at those skin-tight pants! I don’t think I can fit into them.

Ruffles: 'Only put this on if you have a long neck.'

Jailbreak: 'You know I'm bad, I'm bad...'

Weighed down: 'Man, the accessories these days
are heavier than the clothes'

Casual: 'If you're lazy, just put on the jacket...
after all, it's as long as the outfit.'

Pink: 'Yup, you've got to be slim and
chic to fit into these.'

Source: Newsen


Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Does she get a good picture on channel 3 with that thing on her head? Sandara Park (2NE1) seems to like hers...

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Anonymous said...

Not really a fan of any of it! She doesnt even look very good.


Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Yeah, I don't like that look for her either. In "Love Marriage" she was very tasty looking!

Vic in Long Beach, CA


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