Monday, 1 March 2010

Shin Hyun-jun is a professor at Induk University

Actor Shin Hyun-jun accepted a professorship from Induk University and is set to teach acting to its students from March 2010 onwards.

Dr. Saint Hobbo Oppa: 'See you at class'

Shin (42) has a 20-year acting career under his belt and his recently-received professorship has inadvertently fulfilled his parents’ wish.

He said: “My parents were against me becoming an actor and always wanted me to be a professor. Now, I’m very happy because I feel like I’ve fulfilled their wish.”

“I plan to work hard so that I can offer help, meagre though it might be, to students who want to begin a career in acting.”

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

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It's Saint Hobbo Oppa now


syahida said...

a real professor??

small_41 said...

Yes a real professor meaning you better be in class and not late. I hope he didn't have to take this job becuase he had an altercation with his manager and his job prospects dwindled.

Mini said...

Hello guys, Do you want to see the person who is more alike Shin hyun Joon..... He stay in New Zealand and many Korean frens was amazed when they saw him, even few thought he is Mr. Joon, but when they explain about Joon to that person, he himself was amazed... his name is John Shrestha, you can see him in facebook, just type John Shrestha, He has also made Shin Hyun Joon's photo profile...... Check out and be amazed


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