Monday, 15 February 2010

Let’s Take a Break with Nichkhun of 2PM

On Feb 13, Nichkhun and some lucky fans arrived at the Koh Khai Nok Island Beach, Phuket in Thailand for some fun in the sun.

Sawadikaap!: Nichkhun is happy to take a break with his fans

The 2PM boyband member will be frolicking on the sandy white beach for 5 days and 3 nights. Apart from his adoring fans, Nichkhun’s family members were also spotted soaking in the sun. Papa Khun, Mama Khun as well as his siblings are present for the sponsored vacation.

In the family: 'Aw c'mon Dad, don't be shy and come meet the fans'

Fatherly love: 'Yeah, say something nice about me,
how I was such a good kid when I was younger'

Organised by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the event called Let’s Take a Break with Nichkhun sees the Thai American spending time with his fans while promoting the natural beauty of the island.

So this is what’s required of a tourism ambassador of Thailand? Awesome, free holiday :-P

Speech, speech: 'Thanks for coming, everyone. Let's build sandcastles.'

Kiasu: 'We've got to make the biggest sandcastle, OK? Anything less than
one metre is a sandcastle for losers.'

Exercise: 'Gotta get in my dance training as well. Better show
JYP I'm not slacking while on my vacation.'

Me & my bro: Nichkhun (right) with Nichchan

Mommy dearest: 'I've got such fine boys. Eat your heart
out Moms of the world.'

Source: Newsen

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|| Lyññ || said...

is nickhun a mixture? he's really fair... mcm mixed with a bit of ang moh blood but his bro doesn't look mixed...

Liz said...

Heya Lynn, yeah he sure looks mixed. I read his profile in Wikipedia and it says that his Mom is Thai Chinese but from the pic above, nampak macam ang moh pulak. I dunno.


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