Friday, 12 February 2010

Rihanna goes wild at Seoul fan signing event

The Year of the Tiger is upon us and Rihanna knows it.

Meowww: Rihanna in her best attempt to scare her fans

The singer, who is in Seoul to promote her 4th studio album Rated R, arrived for her fan signing meeting in a hooded feline jumper. I think it’s a leopard…err, oh well, close enough :-P

Leopard nail art: She's feline right down to her fingernails

The Umbrella singer was late for her meet-the-fans session because of a press conference earlier in the day. The event was supposed to start at 8pm, but it was delayed for 50 minutes.

The pop star appeared to her eager fans at the Event Hall in COEX Mall Gangnam-gu at about 9pm (Feb 11).

Arrival: A sight for sore eyes

Camera phones on the loose: 'Don't shoot, don't shoot.'

Wishes: Rihanna wishing a fan a
prosperous New Year?

Fashion statement: 'Like my jumper? No animal was
hurt when putting this ensemble together'

Source: Newsen

Rihanna is Rated R in Seoul


GloomyRain2 said...

i really like that hoodie though

stormytruth said...

Awesome hoodie.

HL said...

ohh wish i had the same hoodie *_* <3

Orchid said...

i want one of them cat hoodie too!


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