Monday, 22 February 2010

Song Il-gook trains 7 hours a day in the gym

And that’s the reason why he looks like this guys.

Smokin': Lookit those washboard abs!

The 39-year-old will return with a new MBC drama entitled A Man Called God, portraying the protagonist named Choi Kangta. To look the part, Song spent 7 hours in the gym a day and has lost more than 10kg! Now, that’s what I call discipline.

At his fan site, Song wrote:

“I promised you (fans) that I would be muscular in our last meeting and this drama also demands that of me, so I have become a gym rat since then.”

Art: 'My, my look at all those bulges'

Initially, Song struggled with training because of a shoulder injury he received while filming Kingdom of the Wind - he fell from a horse. “I couldn’t use my arm properly so the training was more like physiotherapy. My trainer also recently told me that he actually didn’t believe that I would be capable of completing the intensive training regime,” the determined star revealed.

“But I finally made good of my promise…and I feel proud of myself. My trainer said that my leg muscles especially, are near-art.”

Wow. Can I touch?

Song not only hit the gym regularly for his new drama, he also obtained a motorcycle license for a bike-riding scene in the drama. “I’m doing my best at the moment. I don’t want to disappoint you, so I’m doing my best.”

Look at that dedication. How admirable.

A Man Called God will be aired in South Korea on March 6. I’m sure many of Song Il-gook’s fans can’t wait for it.

Source: Newsen with translations by Joe Gimm

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