Monday, 22 February 2010

Korean singer Bada graduates university after 12 years

Korean stars really give a damn about their education, don’t they? Singer/actress Bada (formerly of S.E.S.) was at the convocation ceremony of Dankook University, Yongin campus on Feb 18.

Finally: Bada celebrates graduating

Bada, real name Choi Sung Hee, enrolled in the university in 1998 but has not been able to devote herself to her studies due to her busy schedule. The talent, however, never called it quits and finally managed to graduate after 12 long years.

Scroll: 'My precioussssss'

Bada will hold an encore concert in South Korea on March 14. The 30 year old performed to a sold-out crowd three times last year.

Meanwhile, also spotted at the convocation ceremony is actor Koh Se-won (33). He, very much like Bada, eventually completed his higher education studies.

Hooray: Koh is all smiles too

Congratulations to both talents for their perseverance.

Applause: Koh (left) and Bada are happy graduates

Source: Newsen with translations by Joe Gimm

Bada sexes it up

Bada carries the Olympic torch
Bada plays Esmeralda


Anonymous said...

OMG That is so fabulous!!!!!! Any idea what her degree is in?

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Liz said...

Heya Vic, nope I don't know what degree she graduated with :-P

五月 said...

The person who was presenting the scroll to her was in jeans and sports shoes???


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