Sunday, 28 March 2010

Alex of Clazziquai holds first fan meeting

Romantic Guy Alex of Clazziquai held his first fan meeting on March 27. It was a rather intimate affair as the event was held at a fine dining music club called Villa Etwas in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Hugs: 'Thanks for your love and support!'

Alex, who is also known for being a good cook, has expanded his activities to acting and recently appeared as one of the leads in MBC’s Pasta.

At the fan meeting, the 31 year old tinkled on the piano and also sang a duet with Clazziquai member Horan. There was even cake to celebrate the occasion. Yummy!

Feelin' the love: Alex takes the opportunity to test his eye sight
by reading the signs

Tinkle, tinkle: '...and your request is Mary Had a Little Lamb?'

Duet: Horan (right) and Alex sing in harmony

Yum yum: 'Those strawberries on the cake are mine.'

Source: Newsen

1 Comment:

Ayumi said...

Wow, wish I had been there!!!

I'm a huuuge fan of 'Clazziquai' -

Both Alex and Horan have very unique voices and
are awesome singers!!
They are much much better LIVE.

Alex recently released a solo album called "My Vintage Romance":
These are perfect tunes for a coffee break!!!

My Vintage Romance -- "Daydreaming"

My Vintage Romance - "Flower Pot"
absolutely beautiful & heart-wrenching lyrics and addictive tunes!!

Clazziquai - Fiesta
Addictive song I listen to over and over again during coffee break...
Very Brazilian & relaxing!

Enjoy~ ^^


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