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Geneses Dream Entertainment says, ‘We are 100% not C.I. Entertainment’

Geneses Dream Entertainment (GDE) the event management company that is bringing Korean idol group U-KISS to Malaysia in June, would like to clarify that they are a totally different entity from the company that messed up the F.T. Island concert back in 2008.

In an e-mail to K-popped!, (GDE) wrote:

Thanks for the news release on your blog. However, We hope to clarify one thing on your blog post that Geneses Dream Entertainment is 100% not C.I. Entertainment. It would be much appreciated if you can clear the doubt for us. As it might affect our reputation being think as C.I. Entertainment. We hope you can understand.

Thank you.

And so we have. What can we say? Once bitten, twice shy.

We just don’t want another F.T. Island fiasco to happen again, disappointing not only fans in Malaysia but also fans that have travelled from other Asian countries just to watch their idols.

U-KISS: Coming to town...hopefully

Nonetheless, I still did some snooping and checked out the U-KISS calendar at the group’s official site (

June 19 is still free of any activities. But I have to say that the boys' calendar is empty from May 2010 onwards. It's a) probably not updated yet or b) still no confirmation on the event.

I don't know, only time will tell...and I really hope it brings nothing but good news :-).

U-KISS fan meeting in Malaysia in June 2010?


Liz said...

More snooping went on. The schedule at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre was checked by a fellow Kpopper and there is no fan meeting scheduled for June.

Sandra said...

I'm not going to believe anything until the u-kiss schedule board is updated or some form of official confirmation from the korean side is released....

Hopefully the news is true though..
lots of people have been responding to Geneses... =)

|| Lyññ || said...

same here~~ Have to wait for U-KISS-s website to b updated then only it will b legit =)

Anonymous said...

thanks for putting up the news about the fanmeeting. hopefully you can keep us updated about it so that no re-occurrence of FT Island's concert

AozoraXoxO said...

U-Kiss is making several stops in the Phillipines starting March 26th according to allkpop. they're touring several cities in the Phillipines so i wouldn't count out their visit to MSIA!

Superjunior's concert was a huge success so i dont see why msia would be out of the question (^-^).

i'm a happy deer, i'll be going! XD

Liz said...

Good news: A friend actually called Kuala Lumpur Convention Center to ask if the Plenary Hall is booked for the U-KISS event. It is!

Do u have any updates?

Liz said...

Goodness the news surrounding U-KISS' visit to Malaysia is like a yoyo - good one minute, and bad the next.

Another Kpop snooper, who would like to remain anonymous, says that GDE does not have a physical office building - no mailing address.

It is also reported that by March 31, fans are required to pay for their packages in cash without getting the ticket. Tickets will only be given out on the day of the event.

Are you getting the same news as us or are we being fed lies?

Dujun said...

As the explanation that I got from reliable party, the reason that there is no mailing address yet is because they are moving to a new place which makes the mailing address has not been announced.

While for the ticket, those who paid will receive a redemption letter which is equal to the entrance ticket. Fans can attend the event by showing the redemption letter. Only albums and original posters will be collected on the event day.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I emailed them to ask about their office location and phone number. The reply I got was that they are moving to a new location in Bandar Sri Damansara, and they don't have a confirmed mailing address (my friend said they probably work in their house toilets, their facebook page was already created in January, how can their company not have a solid building?!), and that they don't have a fixed landline either. So I replied asking for the contact of the person in charge, and they gave me a number of a person by the name Phing.

My friends and I think it's suspicious also, but then we read on the facebook page, one of the reply in the comments was that, the girl (the writer of that comment) called KL convention center and asked if there's anything booked on 19th June, and apparently they said yes!

So that lit up our moods and we started to feel relieved. But then again, something DOES smell fishy...... so we aren't paying tomorrow yet. Since they said we can pay by 1st of May. We'll duduk dan tengok. :D

autumnmusic said...

hi debbbbb., sharing your doubts is one thing, but saying that they work from toilets is going too far, even as a joke. what if they are really good people working hard to make this event happen successfully? it will hurt, no kidding.

you really have no idea how hard it is to garner support in order to make this kind of event happen in malaysia as most people are full of conservative doubts and also when scams are everywhere to further discourage them.

i am not from GDE, but i know some of the difficulties that the organizers might be facing coz i've been exposed to this kind of thing before.

it's okay and perfectly normal to be suspicious, but be careful not to insult ya.

Tsnm said...

Are you sure this is not a scam? I really2 want a prove before i can make a payment. I don't want to lose my money. Why if i ask this to the member of My-KISSU and they got angry? I just don't want to lose my money, thats all. If you people willing to give your money to those scammer I don't care, but I don't want my money fly away just like that. please please please, give me a prove that GDEntertainment is really REAL! btw, whats with the isn't that internet country code for Cocos Islands?

loveDJoon said...

Actually, for those who don't believe in this company, why don't you guys just don't make the payment or cancel your order and wait until the event day, and you will know the answer. Why keep calling them scammer when we don't even know the truth yet? I just think that it's very disrespectful to them if the truth shows that they are genuine.

Pcj said...
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Pcj said...

hello Tsnm..well, let us make it another way round. How sure are you sure this is a scam? And, if you really want a prove before making your payment, u may go ahead to KLCC website, UKISS fanmeeting is already listed in their schedule list.

It is nothing wrong u asked for a prove when u are worry. However u did wrong by judging them as scammer when u have no prove tat they are scammer. As wat u wrote above, u just worry about ur money issue such as losing ur money, ur money fly away, lose ur money again. My viewpoint is as you worry so much about ur money matter, then you just dont go, dont care about this or just cancel ur order? 100% guarantee you wont be losing your money. isnt it settle?

Well, u said "if you people willing to give your money to those scammer I don't care, but I don't want my money fly away just like that," why do u care to bother ask this to the member of my-kissu and they got angry as u mentioned "I DONT CARE" previously.

I am not against you, no offence, that's just purely my point of view. you cannot judge a book from its cover. What i think is, what if Geneses Dream really has the effort to carry this fanmeeting for the sake of the fans yet they being insult? Try to put urself into their shoes and think about it. How do you feel?

MichelleLim said...

I agreed with Tsnm, we need prove! KLCC convention center is not the one we need for a PROVE. they didn't even took part of this meeting, they just provide the place. Actually if it's really true about this scamming(not that I accuse the GDE is a scammer, I'm just saying, what if?) you can't blame the KLCC convention center for this matter, because they received the money and gave us the place for the meeting and the GDE that will organised it, that's all. KLCC convention center didn't care if it's cancelled or whatsoever because they're not the one who organised it.. Why not MY-KISSU called the NH Media or U-KISS itself for the prove. for PCJ, yes money is so important for me also! why you rather want your money burned? why not seek for the prove first? I want to go to that meeting if it cost a thousand.. it's just I don't want to lose my money and others U-KISS fans money to some irresponsible scammer(not that I accused GDE)
Okay, enough said..
p.s// this is weird, why they want our money by 8th of April instead of 10th of April?isn't it's just another 2 days for the final pre-sale? why cancel it? and yes debbbb, something DOES smell fishy......

Anonymous said...


Where did you see that the want the money on April 8th? I just came back from their FB & the date stated there is still April 10th...


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