Friday, 5 March 2010

Autographed Heartbreaker CD when you subscribe to KLIK?

KLIK magazine, a Bahasa Malaysia (Malay) entertainment glossy, is giving away (an) autographed CD of G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker when you subscribe to it for a year.

Looking at the snapshots provided by K-popped! reader Minji, I can’t tell how many autographed CDs are available for the giveaway.

Only in Malaysia: Get G-Dragon's autographed Heartbreaker
CD when you subscribe to KLIK

What happens if a hundred fans subscribe to the magazine and there is only ONE autographed CD to give out? KLIK could very well turn into a heartbreaker too :-).

Source & Pic credit: K-popped! reader Minji

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AozoraXoxO said...

omygoddddddd. *SCREAMM!!!*
ah ive always wanted to buy klik for their posters, but im always so broke even to buy a mag haha.

but omgggg *hyperventilate* i cant subscribe to anything.. my parents wont let me plus i hav no

awhh thnx a lot i love GD!!
dorkiest malaysian kpop spazzes


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