Friday, 5 March 2010

Sean of Jinusean in 1040 movie

Sean (Noh Seung-hwan), who is one-half of South Korean hip hop duo Jinusean, is all set to spread the Gospel of JC with his new 1040 movie.

Whassup?: Take a peek into the 10/40 window
of the world

The 1040 film is actually a documentary about Christianity in Asia. The title refers to the degrees of latitude that constitute the “10/40 window” of the eastern hemisphere.

Footage for the film was shot in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia. Eh, Malaysia is left out again…ah yes, that’s quite understandable ;-).

The documentary, which is spearheaded by artist and minister Jaeson Ma, contains interviews with some of Asia’s publicly Christian celebs such as Van Ness Wu (Taiwan), Jin tha MC (Hong Kong) and of course, Sean of Jinusean (South Korea). There’s even a segment with MC Hammer (U Can’t Touch This, yo!)

The film, which will hold its official world premiere in Los Angeles on March 12 (and never shown publicly in Malaysia except maybe during private screenings at church :-P), covers everything from charity to speaking in tongues.

There are also some intense interviews about the missionary work Asians are doing in places like Afghanistan.

Watch the trailer below. Apart from the celebs, I see Pastor Philip Mantofa :-P.

Hit here for details on 1040: Christianity in the New Asia.

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Anonymous said...

From the title it looks like a movie about a big tax form we fill out here. (The 1040) If it were this, it would certainly be a horror film!!

Vic in Long Beach, CA


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