Sunday, 7 March 2010

Chuno hunks show off six packs in Men’s Health Korea

But where’s my favourite Oh Ji-ho? ;-)

Nonetheless, there’s eye candy aplenty in the March issue of Men’s Health Korea with Jang Hyuk and Han Jung-soo showing off their sculpted physiques.

The actors portray slave hunters in the popular KBS drama series, which is still garnering a strong 30% viewership in South Korea.

Jang Hyuk: 'Yeah, do you find it a problem that
I use a whole tub of gel on my hair?'

In the series, Jang Hyuk (34) plays Lee Dae-gil, a devil-may-care and impulsive slave hunter for hire who is in search for a long lost love named Eon-nyeon (Lee Da-hae). Meanwhile, Han Jung-soo (36) plays General Choi, a comrade of Dae-gil who is the calm and mature voice in the band of slave hunters.

Han Jung-soo: "Gotta get in some ab crunches all the time...
even during photoshoots. One, two, three....'

The pair strips off their shirts to proudly show off their six packs…and boy, are they impressive. Now, if only Oh Ji-ho would take his shirt off to show us what’s underneath ;-).

What are you lookin' at?: 'Got abs?'

Source: Newsen

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Orchid said...

I can't get past the hair!

♥corcraze♥ said...

i love the hair though!!!
that abs,,hurmm..
this guy is hotter than ji hoo,my opinion..hehehe..


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