Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Super Junior says hi to Malaysian fans

Can you feel the buzz yet? South Korea’s 13-member boyband Super Junior will be descending on Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil on March 20 for a live concert entitled The 2nd Asia Tour “Super Show 2”.

Lucky no. 13: 'See you soon, Malaysia!'

Fans of SuJu are going wild as this is a much-awaited event. Ten of the boys took some time out to promote the concert especially for their Malaysian fans.

Check out the video below:

K-popped! is officially…not going for the concert but wishes all E.L.F. a fantastic time!

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Falisa said...

can't wait to see them!!! ;)

Wawa said...

sob! sob! i'm not going... my boss should treat me SuJu's concert tix before i resign >,<

|| Lyññ || said...

How come Kpopped isn't going?? And Wawa too!! btw, I'm helpin some1 to sell their tix, RM420NEG... row K I think... If anyone is interested, do leave a msg on my twitter (@sher88)

borgy said...

Lee Teuk's "apa khabar" and Kyuhyun's "Bukit Jalil" are the cutest things ever! Too bad I wont be seeing them.. xde duit.. :'(

moe said...

GOSH...hee chul looks down.. T..T
hayaa,,whatever it is cant wait to see em.
=) yehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *hug*

Arin said...

Malaysian fans are planning a few projects for the concert and I hope a lot of fans will cooperate with them. There are a few fanchants and special stuffs going to be done during the concert. For further details, do visit this blog:

syarina said...

i love them very much!!
heechul always like that,whatever it is they are the best!!!

lil teen said...

waaa i wanna go~! butbut no money.... .... i hope there's vid in yt

farrawanie said...

i'll be going! can't wait 2 c them. but i'm going alone. don't have company 2 share my excitement with. huhu. it's ok, rather being alone than never going.

illa said...

i wanna go!!!no $$$ huhu...why my parents treat me like this?!i already in top ten but still i can't go...T T

those who are going hope u enjoy the concert!T T

miEmiE said...

any1 knows wat time they reach KLIA?
huhu.. if we couldn't watch d concert, at least we can see them in front of our eyes at KLIA..
huhu,. if any1 knows, please buzz me at my blog.. tanx

pisca said...

soooooo sad!!! i can't go!!!


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