Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Oh Ji-ho has a crush on Chuno co-star Lee Da-hae?

How else do you explain Mr. Dimples’ disappointment when Lee Da-hae mentioned that Daniel Henney is her ideal type during a talk/game show? Apparently, the 34 year old is a tad jealous about that.

Why, oh why?: 'What does Daniel Henney have that I don't, Da-hae?'

The model turned actor, who is portraying Song Tae-ha in the popular KBS sageuk drama, confesses that he always has a girl in mind.

During the Entertainment Weekly’s Guerrilla Date aired on Feb 27 in South Korea, Oh was asked if he has any girl in mind.

He replied:

“Yes, always. But of course I wouldn't tell (who she is) even if she is my girlfriend, and I know I will get caught anyway if I really have a girlfriend.”

Uh-huh, what sort of cover up is that? Tsk tsk tsk. Somebody, please teach the man how to lie more convincingly. Well, at least he isn’t thinking about boys.

Girl fantasies aside, Oh also said that he just wants to keep acting well and be loved by fans. As for his future plans, he said: “I used to consider Hollywood but now I think it’s still a bit early.”

Song Tae-ha and singing

The actor also talked about how he was cast as Song Tae-ha, a general of the army before the machinations of ambitious politicians caused him to live the life of a slave.

According to the actor, many have told him that he wasn’t suitable for sageuk dramas.

“I had never thought about it but since people kept telling me, I eventually believed that I wasn't cut out for historical stuff. However, as soon as I saw Chuno, I just had to do it no matter what.” (And I'm so glad he did. - Liz)

Model, actor...and singer?: 'Yes, I'm quite

Oh also mentioned that he has never been cast opposite younger actors in romance dramas because he looks mature. He then revealed how he was prepared to kick start his entertainment career as a singer.

“When I was auditioning, I was asked if I could sing. I just said: ‘I don’t think I sing too bad’”.

So can oppa carry a tune? Watch Entertainment Weekly to find out because Oh Ji-hunk breaks into Stigma by Yim Jae-bum, a track that can be found in Chuno’s original soundtrack (listen to the original below).

Entertainment Weekly airs Tuesday nights @ 11:20pm in Malaysia (Astro channel 303).

Source: Newsen with translations by Joe Gimm

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small_41 said...

"Well, at least he isn’t thinking about boys."

Says who?even if he was he wouldn't tell. lol

noora said...

i watched invicible baseball last sunday...Oh jiho put his hand on Lee Da-hae's cheek. i'm so jealous hehe :)

luvlilady said...

Hi Liz

Its been quite a while....
Been to Seoul last year but didn't connect with OJH. He was in Andong filming Chuno,,,bummer.. but his manager sent us picture of him with OJH autograph sign with each of our individual name for his International fans. Nice gesture of OJH!!

Dahee can have Daniel so does it mean we still got a change for our oppa Jihossh then.?..lol

Have you watch "Slave Hunter/Chuno?"

I think Dahee is a very close friend of OJH right now. Have you watch
KBS world "Happy Together"?
Dahee slam OJH on that one...so funny..

BTW Thanks to Joe Gimm for the translation.

Take Care


Serene said...

Am i right to say k-popped has a soft spot for OJH?

I am watching him on Queen of Housewives now. Amusing show

Liz said...

@noora: Is Invincible Baseball only shown on Sundays? I think I managed to get a glimpse of the show one Sunday morning, at about 6am.

@Luvlilady: I trust you enjoyed your trip to Seoul! :-) Well, it was really sweet of OJH to personalise his autograph for you guys. Awesome! :-) Now, to get him to write a love letter to me...hee hee.

Uh-huh, I watched that episode of Happy Together and Lee Da-hae was dishing out stuff about the guys like she was at a buffet. OJH seems humble but he's quite vain, huh? He's good looking and he knows it ;-)

@Serene: Yes, you are correct. I, Liz of K-popped!, really dig Oh Ji-ho :-). I haven't watched Queen of Housewives...I bought Oh Su-jung vs. Karl, though.

mickysimprint said...

Hey... I kinnda wish that OJH and LDH can be lovers, I just love them both. Oh and by the way, can you help me ( I am soooo sorrryyy)? Do you know where can I download Happt Together Eng Subs with th casts of Chunno and God of Study in it T T? I really want to watch it. Thank you

mickysimprint said...

Hey Luvlilady, can you help me?

Wawa said...

i never thought i'll like him in Chuno... kekekeke! well, Chuno is one good drama

noora said...

Liz, if not mistaken, Invicible Baseball also shown every monday afternoon.

Liz said...

Thanks Noora. Will see whether I can watch it one of these days.

Liz said...

I watched this Entertainment Weekly episode last night. The Guerilla Interview was fun.

The fans are funny and I think Oh Jiho was a little scared of them. Ha ha ha...

[[kateku-kel]] said...

I like Oh Ji Ho too. He is so humble and kind. Watching the Happy Together, I think LDH really say too much and people are thinking he is a pervert. Not sure why LDH say so much but at least we know more about Oh Ji Ho. He's so cute. By the way anyone know what this video is saying? Oh Ji Ho and LDH is so close. I want to know what they mean.

mickysimprint said...

Well it is very funny. Yoo Jae Sook ask Lee dae Hee about the scene where OJH should put off LDH hanbok, and LDH said that OJH was sweating all over and felt teribley nervous because it was the first time for him to do that to a girl with hanbok ,that is why the girls were screaming. And Jang Hyuk were being teased because he said he didn't sleep for days only to be perfect as Lee Daegil in Chuno. No body believe him cause it's too perfect for him. He was saying the truth calmly, but nobody belive him, that is why Yoo Jae Sook ask him to snap in Lee Daegil way ( he said "I told you the true you little....") Actually LDH didn't dissed out every bad secrets of chuno casts, she was just telling the audiences how cute OJH when the director asked LDH where OJH was by addressing him " where is my good looking Song Tae Ha?" then OJH suddenly scream " I am here!" Also OJH and LDH felt so awkward to JH at the beginning because JH always looked deep and serious. There was a time when LDH and JH had scene that took 5 hours and when the director yelled cut, the first word from JH to LDH was " what will you do for the next 10 years?". Also OJH felt so boring sometimes with JH because when they were out for drinking, JH was preaching to OJH for hours and OJH wanted ended it up but didn't how to do it. Also if you watch it the hole episodes you will know how passionate OJH to LDH, how he protect her from cold, comfort her when she could take it anymore, and how OJH became a lookout when LDH want to do the bathroom stuffs. You will love them, the episodes was one of the funniest of Happy Together, but again ,I can't find it! God...this is nerve-wrecking. Please tell me if you find the hole episode T T thank you.

Cutie said...

Because LDH mentioned the other guy so OJH would think she is a challenge and feel as a lost (which guys don't like). But she would know that she would be hurt because he is so handsome and famous and she wouldn't be able to handle him..hehe. Too bad LDH


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