Sunday, 14 March 2010

Rain the photographer, thanks to Nikon

Actually, I’m more interested in that ring on your finger. Got a lady you'd like to tell us about, Rain? ;-)

(More on that after the jump)

Fashion fantastic: 'Look, I rolled up my
trousers - ha ha!'

South Korean sensation Rain picked up his Nikon to snap some pictures, and they are currently on exhibit at the Shinsadong Café in Gangnam-gu. Entitled Jung Ji-hoon’s Reality, the exhibition runs from March 12 – 21.

Rain (28) used a Nikon DSLR – D5000 camera to capture all of his masterpieces, 50 of which are on display at the exhibition. The star appeared to the press earlier today (March 14) to talk about his artwork.

Weather forecast: 'We want Rain, we want Rain, we want Rain.'

Photos: 'So these are some pictures I've taken. Like me, they're hawt!'

There’s a microsite at Nikon (, which to me, does not offer much information because of my atrocious Korean. Maybe you’ll find something valuable there?

Explanation: 'It was difficult to capture this subject because
she kept running to me for a hug. I finally glued her to
the wall for this picture.'

Oh, and Rain analysts out there, pray tell, what do you make of his ring? It is a couple ring, isn’t it? I wonder who has the other one on her finger?

Say kimchi!: Kim--hey, look at that ring on your finger!

Source: Newsen

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Anonymous said...

Heya. I read somewhere that he wears the Cartier love ring as a symbol of his commitment to his family. Yeah, boring, I know! LOL

Liz said...

Hi Olivia, hee hee thanks for the information :-). Commitment to his family, huh? If that is the case, I have just this to say: I want to be part of his family! :-)


Shades again?

Liz said...

Maybe he has a really nasty eye infection?

Anonymous said...

I hope he takes better pictures than he makes. Has anyone heard, did they give up on film #3 "Exit the Audience"?

cinziamaria3 said...

Oh, that's harsh but true.

Anonymous said...

Since I am destined to be his wife, that ring cant be more than a Promise ring.
(Literally, three psychics said I'd be his wife)


Orchid said...

i'm sure it's nothing. He just wore the ring there so that pple have something to talk about! ;-)

Serene said...

It's one half of a couple ring, by Cartier, which he endorses ( I think)
My sis and brother in law wear the same ones

I'd like to think he's wearing it because he's plugging Cartier And also for fun and out of love/commitment to his family like he says

lik said...

it's a Cartier's Love Ring alright, and i've read he bought three rings (hmm, so as not to fuel speculations?!?..) ;-)


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