Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Wonder Girls back in America to work on US album

After their promotional activities in the Lion City, the Wonder Girls returned to Seoul on March 11.

But before you can say “Sony Ericsson”, the quintet, including new member Hyerim, trooped on board a flight bound for the U.S. on March 13.

Back in the States: Wonder Girls are working on their debut US album

“The group will concentrate on preparations for their first US album – a little delayed – upon arrival in America,” said a JYP Entertainment representative.

Wonder Girls were supposed to release their first US album either in February or March this year but had to delay the project due to the change in one of its members. Sunmi was replaced by Hyerim since the former chose to further her studies.

The JYP Entertainment rep continued: “They plan to step up efforts for the preparation of the album, which is tentatively scheduled for an April or latest, May release.”

Go girls!

Source: The Korea Times

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Anonymous said...

I will buy their album for sure! But I tell you why they will fail. They are all Korean. Americans perceive that as 'elitist' or whatever, toss a white girl or two in for their debut here and they might make it.


Anonymous said...

They are supposed to be in our Korean Music Festival on 01-May-2010.

TinkrBox said...

I have consolidated all relevant content (music videos, fan site, photos, wiki, twitter and etc) for the korean band Wondergirls in one place for easy reference. Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

Hey TinkrBox,
I can not find the link. (Now I have scripts turned OFF on my browsers so that may be why--) But I would love to take a look!


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