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Review: Super Junior Super Show 2 concert in Malaysia – Part 1

Words by Liz
Photos by Orchid

Are you guys still reeling from the Super Show 2? Even with its flaws, I enjoyed Super Junior’s first ever concert in Malaysia. The stage set up was amazing and if anyone should win an award, it would be the production crew.

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 6
Like, wow: The Super Junior Super Show 2 has a RM6 mil price tag on it

The RM6 mil production wowed the senses and the Putra Indoor Stadium in Bukit Jalil proved (once again) to be the place for a concert. The audio blew me away compared to the lousy sound system at TVXQ’s Merdeka Stadium (open air) concert back in 2007.

During the 3-hour sell-out show, SuJu entertained the crowd with 35 songs, including some covers…as well as their funny / zany antics.

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 4
Super Junior: The boys finally made it for a Malaysia concert!

Here’s the lowdown of the Super Show 2 in Malaysia, SuJu’s concert that was watched by 15,000 fans…yes, beating even Rain’s 2007 I’m Coming concert, which was held at the same venue. Back then, Rain performed to 10,000 fans.

Special thanks to Galaxie magazine for giving K-popped! the opportunity to be at the Super Show 2, and of course Marctensia and Red Presents for bringing SuJu to Malaysia!


After the stadium gates opened, it was an hour-long wait before the SuJu boys appeared to fans. Before that, local opening acts Thomas Jack and Iqwal warmed up the already buzzing crowd.

Press play – Disc 1

Anticipation hit the roof when RELA officers and ushers formed lines along various exit points of the stadium. Some of the SuJu boys were about to make their grand entrance through the crowd and the screams were deafening.

Sea of lights:...but no one's feelin' blue that night, I guarantee you that

The lights went down at 8:00pm and the stadium instantly turned into a twinkling sea of blue neon lights – the official colour of Ever Lasting Friends (ELFs or SuJu fans).

With great drama and through trapdoors, the boys magically appeared at strategic locations among the audience and on stage. The crowd went wild.

Surprise!: Kyuhyun appears near the Media Bench (left) and as seen from
Orchid's view (right)

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 7
Magical moment: Some of the boys appeared onstage via trapdoors

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 10
Bringin' the house down: SuJu rocks it out

SuJu then belted out familiar hits such as Thirsty, U, It’s You, Disco Drive, Miracle and Dancing Out. Some of the SuJu boys also started giving “fan service” i.e. teasing ELFs by acting as if they were taking off their tops.

Before the boys launched into Angela, a video introducing all the 10 members who came to Malaysia was shown. They were introduced like so:
  • Dangerous Cinderella – Heechul (of course)
  • A Living Work of Art – Siwon (oh boy, yeah!)
  • Hottest Baby – Kyuhyun (no complaints there)
  • Bubble Boy – Yesung (huh?)
  • Lovable Blurness – Ryeowook (really?)
  • Ultimate Sweetness – Sungmin (so, this means he gets bitten by ants a lot?)
  • Bejewelled – Eunhyuk (yeah, he’s a gem)
  • Sexy Fishy – Donghae (err…?)
  • Cutie Pie – Shindong (kinda :-))
  • Fallen Angel – Eeteuk (aww no, he’s a sweetie, not dark or mean at all)
(Three of the boys did not come for the concert, namely Kangin - suspended from all activities because of his DUI accident; Hankyung - in a legal tussle with SM Entertainment & Kibum - inactive as a SuJu member since 2009)

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 11
Pyrotechnics: Yeah, it's really showtime

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 12
Hangin': The boys all strike a pose

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 13
Blending in: Comics coming to life ;-)

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 14
Ap-pa khap-par, Malaysia?: The boys greet the fans

Half an hour into Super Show 2, the momentum slowed a little during the boys’ solo stages.

My Beautiful: Sings Donghae

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 16
Friend: Eunhyuk (right) breaks it on down with Donghae during the latter's solo

Personally, Yesung’s Give Up bordered on boring and Ryeowook’s cover of Craig David’s Insomnia lacked punch. Eeteuk’s attempt at Park Jin-young’s Honey paled in comparison to the original by Rain’s mentor. Honey is one sexy song…and Eeteuk didn’t manage to sell the sex ;-).

Insomnia: Ryeowook admires his dancer's high boots

The violin-playing Henry (of SuJu M, a subunit of SuJu that caters for the Chinese market) accompanied flamboyant Heechul in Sonata Temptation. The effeminate Heechul proved to be one weird puppy as he burst onto the stage in a white suit with lace trimmings.

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 38
Violinist: Henry of SuJu M takes the spotlight

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 39
Wacky: Heechul (left) goes all girly as Henry patiently waits until he gets
to play the violin again

While Cinderella’s rock number did nothing for me, Henry of SuJu M definitely caught my attention. That boy sure played one mean violin! And what was that? A back bend while performing? Whoa! Somebody, stop him.

Next, an interesting Super Attack reel showed the boys in a bare-knuckled fight under the pouring rain. Sexy.

The fisticuff interlude led to the SuJu boys’ hit track Don’t Don. At the edgy song’s bridge, Henry appeared once again wielding his violin. He was superb.

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 40 copy
Sharing the stage: The SuJu boys with Henry(the pic's a little dark, so you
have to imagine it :-P)


Part 2: Super Junior Super Show 2 concert in Malaysia


Super Junior’s Super Show 2 press conference in Malaysia


ELOSOUL said...

Awesome, write up!
Can't wait for part 2 =D
Gosh, love the pictures. It's so not crispy, I have to edit mine like kau kau and there are so many pictures =(

I feel like not posting it edi =.=


|| Lyññ || said...

if only there was LOVE button at the bottom of the post~~ haha...

Love love love!!

Can't wait for part 2.... btw, I didn't know that they were making a 'comic come to live'... haha... I couldn't see them on the middle stage as I was sitting at the side... lol... NICE that u caught the pic with pyrotechical effects!! I'm a real sucker for pyrotechnical effects!!! I so agree with u giving the production crew an award... the lighting and fireworks really worked well with the songs... The stage design was awesome too!

I found that the sound system was tooo loud and deafening... It was also quite blunt... It was practically blasting away... haha... but I love the show nonetheless! Hope the boys will come back next year n have an AWESOME show~

Ayumi said...

Liz, thanks for the detailed review of the show!!

Malaysia's major newspapers
can't stop raving bout their performances.

Star -- "Supersize Me"

Malay Mail --- "Superfun Night"

Payad said...

you so detailed!I was standing in rock pit A with crazy crazy excited fans (that includes me) for the whole 3 hours and it was all exciting and everwhelming that I cant find anything boring or mediocare or not up to the par.hahahaha..we all was just screaming and sing a long and sream again everytime the boys pass by.

Anonymous said...

wow!!! really nice article...

its the most detailed article I've read about SS2 in Malaysia so far...

Love it...

♥corcraze♥ said...

im so speechless!and yeah,detail!
i really need to run to you tube to watch the full sushow,if i can find any..

thanks and keep on writing for the part two!

Liz said...

@ Melly of ELOSOUL: How come your pictures are crispy? What cameras did you guys use?

Yeah editing pictures take up a lot of time but don't give up! :-)

@ all who said "thank you". You're most was my pleasure.

I'm just thankful I got the opportunity to go and experience the concert :-). I've been listening to SuJu's Super Show 2 Double CD on a loop since the concert...and think I've become a SuJu fan.

I like the Sorry Sorry - Answer too. Sexy! :-P

Orchid said...

Yup, thanks to G at Galaxie for the Media passes!

Liz said...

^Yup yup, thanks G!

Anonymous said...

Can I just ask, how were you able to take photos? I mean werent the security strict about that? I'm going to the Super Show 2 concert this April 10 and I'm hoping I can bring my camera. Thanks :)

cik.zati.saja... said...

i was there too... the security do check... but, fans r willing to do anything as long they can capture the moment n kept as their memories.. SS2 was amazing.. hope they'll come again too malaysia...


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