Tuesday, 23 March 2010

SHINee to hold fan meeting in Malaysia on May 25

Note to readers: We just received news that this could only be a rumour.

Mmm hmm, our local K-pop scene is looking pretty healthy these days.

Shortly after the memorable Super Show 2 by Super Junior on March 20, there’s news that boyband SHINee, along with Zhang Li Yin, will be making their way to Malaysia.

Coming right at ya: The SHINee boys will meet their fans on May 25

The SM Entertainment artists will hold their first fan meet in Batu Pahat, Johor – a southern state in Malaysia. Hey, our Singaporean friends can come over for the event...if you're not already tired of the boys :-P.

The fan meet will be held at The Summit on May 25 from 3pm – 4:30pm.

Will you be there?

Source: Daily Dose of SHINee & K-popped! reader Wawa

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xXrucciXx said...

Yes! I am definitely be there since the place is close to my house..

can't wait! I am so excited!!!

Anonymous said...

wait...is March or May??? Batu Pahat??? that's so rare...why not Melaka?

MimieJay said...


It's time to visit my cousin! LOL..
but then I'm busy on end of May.

Falisa said...

yippie!!!!! definitely going again after the awesome SuperShow2 last saturday. let the countdown begins!!

Ecah said...

batu pahat??
that is so near~
definitely going there if its true ^^

Liz said...

@pynic...sorry for the confusion guys. It is MAY 25, not March.

Payad said...

wah..my hometown! but why summit?? it's packed with foreigners and teens couples. but 25th may is tuesday..damn!~

after BP, will shinee come to KL? any news on that?

|| Lyññ || said...

oh... it's in johor. 100% cannot go... good things it's only a fan meeting n not a concert =) heh... for those who are going, please please take lotsa pics and post reviews!!

Yey! More kpop artists are coming to malaysia^^

G Lee Suet said...

OMG~ is it true?? sure i want to attend the fans meeting~ shinee~~~
hope can get more infor from here~~ wait yah~

Liz said...

Possible rumour: Hey friends, apparently this fan meet could be a rumour. The PR manager of SHINee World Malaysia (SWM) forums alerted us that there is no confirmation on this event.

SWM called The Summit management and they apparently know nothing about this. Stay tuned for more info, OK?

In the meantime, SHINee fans, don't get your hopes too high up.

mianahoz said...

why johor???
maybe near to singapore but there were many time shinee went to singapore so i think no need it is consider to be held in johor......

i want to join to and this time i should visit my brother in johor...!!

but i wondered if i had a chance to go bcoz of time was not suitable and its school holiday..

one more question, the fans meeting opened to public or not??
or we need to buy their album first......???

♥corcraze♥ said...

this is a very good news indeed!
the topic is all burning on seoulfm,but now rumour?!
argh..what do we do now,hurry up and confirm to the responsible people up there..

let us know ok liz..heheh..

DDOS said...

hye K-popped,
i just want to clarify. this news may be a rumour. its not official.

i hope SHAWOLS, please dont put ur hopes up high.

and if u havent notice, i put up a notice that says : 'it may be a rumour, we're connecting with SUMMIT & SWM for more info. please keep refer to this announcement,TQ

please stay up to date with us. will tell u the news soon.



. said...

210% confirmed cannot go T_T
why why why why why why why why?!

*smash head to the wall*


Batrisyia said...

damnn super junior then shinee why is this happening when am in london haha boii am hatinnnn these, i hope 2PM will not going to malaysia until next year hahah ;))

atim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
atim said...

is that true shinee will come to batu pahat johor?
OMG!!!!i can't believe it!!!

atim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Happens to be really surprising cause the fan meeting's happening in my state when usually everything happens in KL. :D

Not sure if I could go though :/

But ZLY is there! T~T

miamihero said...

HUUUH?? Why johor?? sounds weird! It'd be better if they are coming to KL ;(

illa said...

i hope it's true!i hope it's true!i hopeit's true!
the fan meeting's on tuesday..schoolday!it's ok...i can still go!^^

but seriously please,i'm hoping i get the chance to meet them~
if they can come to singapore a few times,why not they come to malaysia a few times too?hehe~~~

Orchid said...

Who created this rumour?

:: Welcome tO Fieqah san :: said...

HUArgH!!! why do the FanMeeting is held at 15 may(tuesday)??? that's the school day!! how about the hostel girls who are very crwayzy about them??? huh..... anyway, its good. the summit is very very near to my house.... huh, oh god, thanks!!!

SarahChong said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meeya said...

but why batu pahat ? why not KL ? eventho summit batu pahat is near with my cousin's grandfater's house , 25th MAY IS THE DAY OF MY EXAMINATION ! whyyyyy , i really want to go and meet taeminnie and minho oppa :(

card_captor96 said...

OMG!!!that place is 10 min from my grangma house but i live in kl.how unlucky.25 may is my birthday


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