Saturday, 3 April 2010

2AM’s Changmin is going to Thailand

We do not know what for, nor do we know whether the group is going, but we do know what luggage he will be carrying. Heh heh.

Hello: 2AM's Changmin in Thailand tomorrow?

The 24 year old tweeted a picture of his spanking new trolley bag at 1:37pm today (Apr 3). The Kpop singer said that the bag was a gift from a fan and “I’m gonna take this to Thailand tomorrow.”

Spanking new luggage: This is the bag, watch out for it :-P

Awesome. Now friends, if you can’t recognize Changmin (as if) you can now recognize his bag :-P.

Sawadikaa, Changmin. Stop by Malaysia also-lar.

Source & Pic credit: Changmin's Twitter

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crypticbluerose said...

the kpopped banner is precious. lol


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