Saturday, 3 April 2010

Jang Hyuk to Fall In Love in Shanghai

Not-so dangerous: 'See, I'm just a harmless
'lil pup in real life'

Apparently, that’s the name of the Chinese remake of All About Eve, a 2000 drama which starred Jang Dong-gun and Chae Rim.

Choices, choices: Jang Hyuk (center) flanked by his leading ladies

Jang Hyuk, who has completed shooting for Chuno (still airing in Malaysia, please don’t tell us how it ends), was in Shanghai, China on March 31 to plug his new project. The actor teams up with Chinese actress Zhu Dan and Taiwanese beauty Cheryl Yang.

Fall In Love (a.k.a. the Chinese remake of All About Eve) will air in September in China.

Cast & crew: All excited for the project

Source: Nate News

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