Sunday, 4 April 2010

Jay Park does Beyonce’s sexy Single Ladies dance

Erstwhile 2PM leader Jay Park (Jaebeom) appeared with his b-boy crew Art of Movement at Rutgers University in New Jersey on Apr 3. They were there for the Project Korea 3: KSA Cinderella Story event.

Like this, y'all: Jaebeom breaks
it on down

Fan cams of Jay busting out Beyonce’s Single Ladies dance can be found on YouTube. The crowd was pleasantly surprised by the sexy dance…and it goes without saying that they loved it.

allkpop was one of the sponsors for the event so expect more exclusive vids at the site. :-)

Pic credit: Newsen

Jaebeom quits 2PM and leaves for home

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noora said...

i'm glad he's back. hope to see more of him in future.


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