Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Park Tae-hwan & SNSD’s Seohyun get together for health

I swear...: 'by the moon and the
stars in the sky...'

On this *auspicious day, Olympic gold medallist Park Tae-hwan and SNSD’s glowing beauty Seohyun were appointed ambassadors for health and fitness.

The pair is championing the Seoul Students 7560 + Exercise campaign. They were at the Seoul Metropolitan Office Auditorium for the press conference earlier today.

Weighty: 'Whoa, just because we're healthy doesn't
mean that you should give us these huge badges.'

Congratulations to the healthy celebs. May they have many hale and hearty years ahead.

Speech, speech: 'Thank you for the appointment. Now I have
a reason to stick to my strict exercise routine.'

Setting goals: 'I'm gonna get 6 packs
that rival Tae-hwan's. Please wait for it.'

*Today is auspicious because it’s Black Day, the Tamil New Year (Indian New Year), Vaisakhi Day (Sikh New Year) and the Thai New Year (Songkran festival!)



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