Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Malaysia: Korean Wave contest auditions on April 17

It’s this Saturday, y’all. The Korean Wave Contest (KWC) auditions will be held from 2pm – 4pm at Korea Plaza, Menara Hap Seng. Will we see you there?

KWC is a platform where Kpop fans get to show off their talents – whether in groups or as individuals. It looks like SHINee World Malaysia and MY Hottest 2PM are performing! 아싸!

Talent: Show us what you've got!

What other fan clubs will take part in the event? How about Rain’s Clouds, TVXQ’s Cassiopeias (a great homage to the troubled quintet, no?) and SuJu’s ELFs?

Give us a shout out if you’ll be there – either representing your fan club, as independent performers or as part of the audience.

Also, the good news is...

...since many non-Malaysians have responded positively to the contest, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is allowing mixed groups to take part. Your group must be made up of 50% Malaysians and 50% non-Malaysians.

Up for grabs are tour packages to South Korea and a cash prize of RM1,000!

All the best to the performers. Remember, registration ends April 16 so you'd better not procrastinate!

K-popped! will be at the KWC to provide coverage for the event, acting as KTO’s Official Online Media so bring your “A” game, y’hear? ;-)

For the mechanics of the contest, hit this link.

Have you got what it takes for the Korean Wave Contest?

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|| Lyññ || said...

interesting!! I wanna watch them perform... hehe... I won't be entering cuz I'm too lazy to practice... haha... the last song I learnt to dance to was Gee... good luck to those entering!

p/s: is that a pic of Tifa from Final Fantasy Advent Children?

Liz said...

Hey Lynn, will you be there at the auditions? The final will be on May 15...the best 5 performers will be selected for the showdown :-).

As for the pic, I dunno, I just googled it. However, it says it's Kpop singer Ivy.

Liz said...

Whoops mistake...the top 8, not 5, performers will be selected for the showdown :-).

Jay said...

hi Liz.
Jacqueline here from star new media. i might be interested in covering the final on may 15. do tell me how the audtion goes this sat :)

Liz said...

Hi Jacqueline! OK, will let you know how the audition goes this Sat.

We will be writing and tweeting about it so stay tuned. If you have Twitter, don't forget to follow us: @0rch1d and @LizKpopped :-)


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