Sunday, 11 April 2010

A peek at Onew’s musical Brothers Were Brave

If the shoe fits: 'Surely there's a better way to exchange our shoes.'

It sure looks like a hilarious show. SHINee’s leader Onew seems to be having a ball for his first musical appearance in Brothers Were Brave.

Arm twist: Onew (left) gets physical with his
co-star Hong Rok-gi

The 21 year old, who portrays the younger of the two brothers in the story, donned a pair of glasses for his role and got into some comical antics with his co-stars.

Pillowy: 'Ah it's great to be an actor.'

Brothers Were Brave plays at the Coex Theatres in Samsung-dong, Seoul and will end its run on June 20.

If you have the chance, would you go watch the show?

The best: 'Come watch our show!'

Identity: 'We are Super Junio--eh, we're not.'

Fisticuffs: 'C'mere and let me scratch the itch on my fist.'

Time out: 'Musicals are physically demanding. Break time.'

Sing: Onew launches into a little song.

Sources: Hankooki & allkpop

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