Monday, 12 April 2010

Rain violates traffic law in MV, Love Song banned from KBS network

Mamma mia, could that even happen? The KBS network announced that Rain’s Love Song MV is inappropriate for public viewing and has banned it from going on air.

Nope, it’s not because of the Korean superstar’s suggestive dance moves or his shirt-ripping tendencies. It’s because of…wait for it...his blatant disregard for road regulations!

The 28 year old is seen running across a deserted street in the MV. Major mistake.

Dammit!: 'Of all things, you ban my MV because
I ran across the road?'

While Rain’s people at J. Tune Entertainment were surprised at the ruling, they will be duly submitting a re-edited version of the MV soon.

Rain, next time, run around in a parking lot or playground or something. Who would ban that, right?

KBS' cardinal sin #1: Thou shall not run across the road at night
when there are no cars

Apparently, Rain is not the only artist whose MV is banned for violating traffic rules. The MVs for Yoo Seung-chan, PSY and Kim Jang-hoon have also been banned because of their disregard for the law.

KBS' cardinal sin #2: Thou shall not run along the road
in the day as well

KBS' cardinal sin #3: Thou shall never coerce your friends to
run a victory lap anywhere

May wonders never cease.

Source: allkpop

Rain’s Love Song MV

Rain kisses Han Ye-seul in Love Song
Rain sings Love Song to get Back to the Basic


AozoraXoxO said...

haha what? the stupidest rule ever for banning an mv haha. its not like anyone got ran over or something. yaa kbs just leave people & music alone.

LIN ARIFF said...

hahaha im speechless...aiyaa KBS

Orchid said...

What? i thought it was for ripping his shirt off and dancing way too sexy moves! This is so unexpected.

Thea said...

OMG! That is dumb. I'm more worried about his "Twiggy-esque" mascara he wears in the video... What was he thinking?

Anonymous said...

I suspect that after G-Dragon, and a few other entertainers running amok, Korea is just trying to rein in the entertainment companies. A lot of us follow K-entertainment because it isn't as evil as what we do here. Look, after the Korean war, there weren't a lot of Korean (N or S) left. Now there are 50,000,000 in the South, I think they've got the reproductive activities down to a science. They just don't wear them on their sleeves.
As far as Rain, to be honest I view him like I do BoA. I not a fan of either, but I'm glad they do what they do.
I know, if you want to tweak someone, you don't launch a personal attack ("Your Nose is ugly" "Your Butt is BIG") nope. you go after something dear to them. Rain is perfect. Nothing personal! I'm just playing!!

Vic in Long BEach,CA

DC said...

Korea has traffic rules?

Ayumi said...

The following article is about Rain's shocking confession that I happened to read from 'Daum'.

Wow, fame and money are not everything in life: I really hope Rain will slow down from time to time and enjoy his life.

And I truly hope he'll meet a right gal for him, hehe

비 "내가 탄 비행기가 추락했으면 했었다" 고백

Quick translation:
Rain confessed in a Korean talk show yesterday that
while staying in the U.S. for "Ninja Assassin" shooting, he suffered from severe depression and loneliness.

He was thinking about coming back to Korea so many times while shooting the flick in America.

The hardest part for him was 'loneliness'.
The depression was so severe he once thought about 'committing suicide';
he even wished the plane he was taking would crash so that he could just take a rest and people would remember of him during his prime time....

One thing that prevented him from doing that was...he didn't want to die without GETTING MARRIED!

Rain is eager to meet a right woman for him and get married sooner or later.

Liz said...

Oh dear, that's really sad indeed. Thanks for the news Ayumi.

Poor Bi, I guess famous or not, we have our ups and downs.

Hang in there, Rain. We will always support you EXCEPT your thoughts of committing suicide.

Down with committing suicide!

Anonymous said...

lol@DC's comment. You wouldn't think so given that in almost every Korean drama I've seen, people NEVER do head checks when they do a U-turn in the middle of peak traffic. And no-one EVER indicates when they changed lanes ^O^;;

@Aymui, thanks for sharing the piece of news. I couldn't imagine ho difficult it would be for Bi to juggle everything that he has on his plate. Success, fame & fortune doesn't always come easy. But I hope he knows he has an undying legion of fans who are always there to support him <3

Serene said...

Running on the road is illegal/not encouraged but someone remind me again what those male leads do when they suddenly have a change of heart when it comes to the lass they want?

If that's not called an illegal u-turn, I don't know what is

Liz said...

Hee hee, I think it is called selective censorship. They only censor things that will make it as the talk of the town.


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