Thursday, 8 April 2010

Rain’s personal trainer for comeback look is Prof Park Ji-eun

Like that slim and extremely toned look Rain’s sporting for his recent comeback? It’s all thanks to Professor Park Ji-eun of the Seoul National University.

Sculpted: 'Do my washboard abs make you weep?'

The 37 year old, who has a major in Physical Education, is gaining popularity as a celebrity personal trainer.

In 3 months: 'Nothing but sheer will and dedication.'

According to Park, Rain went on a strict 3-month program designed especially for him to get his sculpted physique. And I guess it goes without saying that the program was a success.

Wow, I wanna go on a 3-month program designed by Park as well.

Trainer & I: Rain (left) with his
personal trainer Park Ji-eun

Walkin' the talk: Park shows off her
extremely cute tush

Source: MSN News

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Cuddly Family said...

wow.. I also like her SHOES :D

I dont mind being trained by her.. but heck, I'd rather be trained by Rain hehehee

Anonymous said...



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