Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sneak peek at Malaysian talent for Korean Wave Contest 2010

Malaysia’s got some (hidden) talents, I tell ya.

Here, check out this teaser of a participant of the Korean Wave Contest (KWC) auditions. I’m looking forward to what other talents are bringing after watching the teaser.

Lancerie, who is representing MyHottest2PM – yes, the Malaysian arm of 2PM’s global fan base – is one step closer to winning a tour package to South Korea!

As we draw near to the inaugural KWC in Malaysia, the FB-verse and Twitterverse is abuzz with Malaysian Kpop fans talking about their preparations for KWC.

Korean Wave Contest

For those who are still blur (Malaysian slang for “not in the know”), the event will be held at Korea Plaza, Menara Hap Seng (in KL) on April 17 (Sat).

Registration starts at 12pm while auditions start at 1pm, so please don’t be late. No “Malaysian time” OK? Leave that for a mamak outing with friends.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you should be aware of:

Dancers: Prepare the music CD…and make sure it works! Bringing an extra CD wouldn’t hurt. Make sure it has the same song on it, though.

Vocalists: The audition will be ala American Idol. No mics, no music. You’ve gotta carry your tune…well.

Live band: If you’re playing a musical instrument, please arrive early for a sound check. All musicians worth their salt do that :-P.

Sing & Dance: The organizers will play the music for you, but no mic will be provided for audio. We hope you’ve got a loud voice, then.

Any more queries should be directed to

All the best and see you there!

Oh, if you want more updates on the event, stay glued to K-popped!, the Official Online Media for KWC 2010. 아자 아자 화이팅!


Malaysia: Korean Wave contest auditions on April 17

Have you got what it takes for the Korean Wave Contest?


emmarauf said...

can someone tell me what's the song that the boy danced to?it's it from 2PM?please2

free2lifefreely said...'s taeyang from big bang.but i don't know the tittle.

Liz said...

Don't know the song guys, but gimme some time and lemme ask him ;-).

Christopher said...

whats up people, its Lancerie here, umm first of all would like to say thanks to those who spend ur time watching my video, really appreciated it : ) btw the song name is,

Taeyang - Jwi In (Sinners)

emmarauf said...

thank u for all the infos!
u guys rock!especially lancerie!ur dance move was really2 great!
u rock!keep it up fella=)


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