Friday, 16 April 2010

U-Kiss does Elle Girl in May 2010

U-Kiss appears in a photo spread for the May 2010 issue of Elle Girl Korea.

Walk on air: Yep, becoming famous will make you do that

The 7-member group has been gaining popularity throughout Asia. A total of 20,000 fans attended their showcases in the Philippines recently and the boys received much love and support in Thailand during the Show King M Super Concert in Bangkok.

U-Kiss, who is tentatively scheduled to hold a fan meeting in Malaysia in June, shows off their “dandy boy” and casual looks for the fashion spread.

Tub: Some of the boys at their favorite hang out

During the interview, Dongho displayed mature thinking. The 15 year old, who is the youngest, said: “I like being on my own and saving money for stock investments.”

Wow. A millionaire in the making. I’ll drink to that.

Source: Hankooki

U-KISS fan meeting in Malaysia in June 2010?


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