Monday, 17 May 2010

Brian Joo might be in Malaysia in July

Isn’t it great to get news from the horse’s mouth? This particular…err, *cough* horse in question is Brian Joo.

Apa khabar, Malaysia?: Will we hear Brian say that
when he's here?

Formerly one-half of duo Fly to the Sky, Brian has spread his wings and currently has two solo albums under his belt. They are The Brian (2006) & Manifold (2009).

The 29 year old, who is active on Twitter, tweeted the message below today. Happy?

Follow Brian on Twitter: @brianjoomuzik

Source: Jin Hye-In :-)

Brian Joo, Kim Hyung-joon, Shindong & Jo Kwon in environment programme

Brian Joo and Shiwon cuddle


vamp燕 said...

omg i really hope the man coooooooooooooomes !

진혜인 said...

Keep on stalking his twitter for more updates ^^

우울하지만 행복 said...

OMG I loooove Brian! He's hilarious! Great singer too, of course. But his lady-fabulous antics on Dream Team is what always gets me.

Looking forward to more news on this.

Fauzalina said...

OMG hope he will really come :D


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