Monday, 17 May 2010

Ruffneck’z may try again in 2011

K-popped! Exclusive

They may not have won any prize, but Ruffneck’z are winners nonetheless. The quartet showed marked improvement since auditioning for the Korean Wave Contest (KWC) in April and had the crowd going wild during their performance on May 15.

The dance group placed in the Top 5 of Malaysia's inaugural KWC, a competition that pits Kpop-influenced talents against each other.

Teacher & students: Yoro (right) with his dancers (l-r)
Teddy Xiong, Choco-B & Kiro Ng (Baby Bi!)

Lead by Yoro Ng, a dance instructor since 2004, Ruffneck’z came together three years ago. The lads all hail from Negeri Sembilan (a state south of the capital city Kuala Lumpur) but are currently living in four different locations.

“Actually, we are from four different places,” says Yoro during an exclusive with K-popped! “One is from Subang, another from Seremban, I’m currently in Cheras and another is from Nilai.”

So how did the young lads practiced for the competition? “(We) prepared for the routine in 2 weeks and gathered at studios and even houses to practice. They are actually my students," Yoro reveals. "We got together, and I trained them up.”

Space: 'Are we an arm's length away from each other?
Good, good. Gotta prevent accidents onstage.'

Yoro also mentioned that Ruffneck’z dance was quite original as they did not follow (to the T) any Kpop routine out there. “We didn’t really follow the MVs, we choreographed our own routine and just used Kpop songs.”

While the team put on an electrifying performance, luck was not with them this year. When asked about the result, Yoro says: “Quite disappointed…because we spent a lot of time (practicing). Maybe we’ll try again next year.”

Yes Ruffneck’z, we sure hope you do! Stay true to the meaning of Ruffneck’z now: Always stay strong & never give up! Also, we love watching Baby Bi on stage :-P

Represent: The boys doing Negeri Sembilan proud!

KWC winners' list

KWC is a competition inspired by the rise of the Hallyu in Malaysia. It pits Kpop-influenced talents against each other for prizes and the opportunity to get noticed. It is organized by Korea Tourism Organization.


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varms said...

Loved their energy!!! If only there were more prizes!!

Nurulhuda Y said...

They totally amazed me with their skills~!! Definitely the crowd's favourite...and I do hope they will try again next year!!!! Ruffneckz hwaiting!

yoro_ng said...

varms & nurulhua Y - thanks 4ur support ruffneckz luv u guys


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