Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Comcast provides on demand Kpop music

To our readers residing in the US of A, here’s some interesting news. Comcast is providing its customers On Demand access to 19 Kpop smash hits.

Wish come true: Sonyeoshidae appears in your
living room, on demand

You can tune in to a jukebox of MVs from 2NE1, Sonyeoshidae, 4Minute, T-ara and Wonder Girls. There is no additional charge for the service, as long as your On Demand subscription covers Top Picks > Asian Entertainment > Music.

Comcast is the largest cable operator and home internet service provider in the United States. With On Demand, viewers are able to pause, rewind, or fast forward the MVs at their own leisure.

The Kpop music goodness, which is in celebration of the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, started in May.



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