Monday, 3 May 2010

Lee Jun-ki enlists for military duty

Younger: My gosh, he looks too young for military duty

Lee Jun-ki (The King and the Clown, Time Between Dog and Wolf) has shorn his head and enlisted for compulsory military duty. We won’t be seeing him in two years.

The 28 year old received his enlistment papers on April 12 and wanted to defer his duty because he had two ongoing projects – the movie Grand Prix and drama Faith. Unfortunately, his application was rejected so he enlisted today (May 3).

Ta ta: 'Don't miss me gals, I'm gonna live out every
boy's dream of holding an M16'

About 500 fans bid farewell to the actor at the Nonsan training center where Jun-ki will undergo 5 weeks of basic training before going on active duty.

See ya in 2012!

I wonder when's Rain’s turn? He’s a 1982 baby as well.

Sources: Newsen & Dramabeans

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Cuddly Family said...

noooo... dont wanna Rain (also known as Si Hujan) to go yet.. 2yrs without Rain goodness? (Musim Kemarau!-Drought). hehee

Im so silly :D

Orchid said...

Yeah Lee Junki looks so young in that hair! Almost like a different person. The hair maketh the man?


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