Monday, 3 May 2010

Lee Min-ho’s Personal Taste in Trugen

So, do you like Lee Min-ho’s style in Personal Taste? Apparently, the public likes the way the 23 year old dresses in the MBC drama and many want to look that way.

A Trugen rep said: "The way he dressed in Personal Taste is becoming popular and we get a lot of enquiries about his fashion."

How now?: 'I play a gay character and the clothes
get the attention.'

Thus, the clothing brand is set to capitalize on the trend. The new summer fashion range is made with Min-ho’s gay character Jun Jin-ho in mind, and will be available at 120 Trugen stores in South Korea.

For the photoshoot, Min-ho donned a casual jacket, a checked shirt, blue pants and a printed T-shirt, effectively showing off his masculine yet “dandy boy” persona.

Are you a Trugen fella?
The fit: 'OK, this shirt is a wee bit too tight.'

Smooth: 'How do ya like me in my black suit?'

Dandy boy: 'My big man bag rocks!'

Accessorize: 'Spiff your summer fashion up with the bow tie!'

Source: Newsen with translations by Joe Gimm

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