Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Brian Joo in Malaysia on July 10

One half of former Fly To The Sky duo Brian Joo will be in Malaysia on July 10 for a mini showcase cum fan meeting. It will be Brian’s first fan meeting in our capital city.

Jumpa di sana: Brian wants to see you when he's here

On May 17, Mr. Manifold tweeted that he might be in Malaysia in July. The news was confirmed last night, along with a video message from the 29 year old. (Hit play button below).

Currently, Brian has two solo albums under his belt. They are The Brian (2006) & Manifold (2009).

Ticket prices for the event will be released soon. Stalk Rhythm Land's FB page for updates :-)

Brian Joo might be in Malaysia in July


Wawa said...

maybe i should go... thanks to dream team, maybe i should drag my mom along... ahahahha!

Liz said...

For those who are planning to go for Brian Joo's fan meeting in Malaysia, here is the ticket price list:

Fan meet
Numbered seats

Fan meet
Free standing

More updates will be at Rhythm Land's FB page. The ticket prices can be found at the Notes section.

Have fun, y'all!

Jay said...

brian! i love this guy! he's so funny... but tiqs r exp.

varms said...

Aaaahhhhh!!! I'll try to come if I have extra $$ then...

omg, if he came with Hwan Hee, it would have made my dreams come true. I love Fly to the Sky... =)


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