Thursday, 10 June 2010

Wonder Girls sing at the House of Blues on June 11

…and 2PM will be there as the opening act.

JYP’s angels the Wonder Girls are currently on a tour of the United States. They will be rocking the House of Blues in Los Angeles this Friday (June 11).

Live in LA: The Wonder Girls will be at the House of Blues on June 11

The quintet will perform their much-loved hits such as Tell Me, So Hot and Nobody, along with their spanking new comeback track 2 Different Tears.

LA fans, watch them live at the House of Blues this Friday by getting your tickets at You can also visit for the girls’ tour dates, photos, videos and more.

Wonder Girls, when are you coming to Malaysia? We want nobody, nobody but chewwww!

Video of the Wonder Girls on Goom Radio

Wonder Girls shed 2 Different Tears

Wonder Girls fashion & World Tour dates


Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Damn it. I didn't see this until today, 11-June. I LIVE in LA.

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Thanks Liz. We didn't go to the KMF this year, for the first time since they started in 2003. Ticket prices were high, and almost no one we were interested in went. Last year's KMF was a total flop. Oh well...
WG is up to something. They were at the KMF, and were here a couple of weeks before that. I don't know if they're recording an English album, making a movie, or what.


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