Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Rain puts compulsory military service on hold

But not for long, heh.

World Star Rain a.k.a Jeong Ji-hoon will be turning 28 on June 26. He has received a call to enlist for the South Korean military by Sept 28, 2010. Rain, however, wants to defer his enlistment to 2011.

Yo, soldier: 'Just give me a little more time and I promise
to get the crew cut and put on 'em shiny boots for my country.'

The reason: He is currently doing his Masters in the Performing Arts Department at Dankook University. Because of his studies and – who are we kidding, busy schedule – the Korean superstar has applied to postpone his enlistment. As long as Rain joins the armed forces before he hits 30, everything’s fine.

On his plate is a KBS drama entitled Fugitive. He will be toplining the drama, which will be released in September. Apart from that, Rain's Hip Song (video below) is on the Karate Kid’s soundtrack and he will be appearing at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles on June 6. Rain has been nominated in the Biggest Bad Ass category for his role in Ninja Assassin.

Let’s hope the multi-talent’s application for a deferment gets approved so we get more Rain...before the drought hits :-/

More Rain!


hanys said...

oh rain.. i'll miss him when he goes to the military service.. please come to msia before u go to the military.. please..

Anonymous said...

With the situation as it is now, in the Koreas, I can't say I blame him.

Orchid said...

i miss Rain too. I wish he would dance more!


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