Sunday, 30 May 2010

A super-awesome time!


Sogaeting @ The Street Cafe 29 May
Photo montage by Cyfull Ramli

I'll keep this entry short and sweet really have to BE THERE to benefit from a Sogaeting event. Reading about it just isn't the same. ;-)

K-popped! held its second Sogaeting @ The Street Café gathering on the 29th May. At first, Orchid (yeah that's me) had a tough time trying to get guys to come for the event. Up till four days before the event, we only had one confirmed male participant and one iffy candidate. Oh dear, how to have a "blind date" event when we are so short of guys!!? Luckily (and with some prayer), we had more than enough guys come Saturday! Phew!

We had 6 couples at the gathering and played three Korean Sogaeting games! The games were a hit. Special thanks to Andrew K for teaching us those games. It definitely broke the ice and brought much laughter to everyone that day. Two couples who had the most amount of penalties, got a very special Korean-style punishment! But true to the Malaysian spirit of "muhibbah", it was awesome to witness everyone helping the couples out.

Here are quotes from a few of the participants that day...

Cyfull Ramli: Sgt Besh!!! Unforgettable experience ^_^

Teh Farhanna: Yup!we all had so much fun, korean-day,hahah!

Pang In (from Penang): Please organize one in Penang!

We had Pang In who comes all the way from Penang! Also, special mention to Syd and Samantha from our 1st Sogaeting session, who "reappeared" at our second meeting. They have become fast friends now.

Thanks to our sponsors: The Street Cafe, Universal Music and Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) for making the event a success! Also, special thanks to the awesome guys of Chrome L for coming!

If you are single and love to meet new people over a meal, chit-chat and maybe a couple of ice-breaking games, do come for our Sogaeting gatherings.

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Cyfull de'CK said...

So true, need to experience it to believe it. Thanx a zillion to K-Popped!, Liz, Orchid and everyone involved to make this happened. This is definitely the part of the cluster of my hard disk in my brain that i won't format! (What in the world that i'm merepek tah!) ^_^

Liz said...

Hee hee Cyfull is still so excited. Yup awesome gathering!

Special thanks to Chrome L for the impromptu performance ;-) and much love to all the participants who were super sporting and fun!

We should meet up again, no?

Cyfull de'CK said...

Definitely!!! Sogaeting Rocks!!! Kekekee...
[[ Dunno why can't switch off the so-excited mode...i guess it's the Sogaeting thingy lar...hahahaa~ ]]

Orchid said...

Glad that everyone is so excited & continue chatting on fb after the event!!!! :-)

♥corcraze♥ said...

hahahah,cyfull2..hahha..chill bro,let me get the exited la pulakk!!hahaha..
No word can describe this feeling,haha,it's so mixed up!!It's just beyond everything!hahaha..
Sure!he have to keep in touch on FB and meet again next time ok!
Thanks to all the sponsors and everyone.Orchid and Liz for the lift.It was very kind of u guys!=D

Jay said...

omooo... i want that beast poster! ;d


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