Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Super Junior The 3rd Asia Tour kicks off in August 2010

Its back! Super Junior will kick off their Super Show 3rd Asia Tour on Aug 14 and 15. The news was confirmed by both the group's leader, Leeteuk via Twitter, and Yesung at his Cyworld.

SS3: It's ON. Super Junior goes on tour again 
in August 2010

In early June, it was reported that Super Junior will start touring Asia again in August. The Super Show 3 is set to kick off at the Olympic Park Stadium in Seoul and include 13 cities such as Kuala Lumpur (awesome! - Liz), Singapore, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Manila.

This time around, the concert will only feature 10 out of  the full 13 SuJu members.

The members who will be sitting it out are: Hankyung, who is still in a legal tussle with SM Entertainment; Kangin, who will be serving his compulsory military duty for 2 years beginning July, and Kibum, who hasn't been active as a SuJu member since the group's 3rd album because he is "busy with acting".

Thirteen member or not, we say, let the SHOW begin!

Source: Newsen


♥ me ♥ said...

Officially going! & front seat for sure ^-^.

Should i start counting from now?

AdY said...

Saving money from now! Gonna get the best seat this time around. :)

ilu :D said...

yay ! Singapore is in ! :D anyway, hw to know when are they coming to Singapore ? sorry to ask this kind of question ! D:

champong said...

ahhhhh,,, i hope that their next super show here in philippines will fall on the month of April next year... so that i can watch, because the first super show here i was not able to go...

gamsahamnida super junior for being my inspiration in my studying... because of your group i was encourage to finished my study...

Saranghae super jnior!!!!


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