Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Wonder Girls in Malaysia on July 31

 Live in Malaysia: Wonder Girls will perform in Malaysia 
at the MTV World Stage!

Great news for all Wonderfuls! MTV Asia has confirmed that the Wonder Girls will perform at the MTV World Stage 2010 Live in Malaysia, one of the most anticipated event of the year. This is the 2nd time Malaysia hosts the MTV World Stage. The 1st was back in 2009.

Wonder Girls debuted in 2006 with their song Irony and became one of the biggest idol group in Korea with Tell Me. They became a household name in the US, Malaysia and other Asian countries after their hit single Nobody was released.

In May 2010, the quintet released their new single, 2 Different Tears (2DT) after spending the whole of 2009 doing activities in the US. Among other things, the girls opened for the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber. On June 4, the girls kicked off their US tour where they will perform in 24 states.

The MTV World Stage will be held on July 31 at the Sunway Lagoon Resort Surf Beach. Other artists that will be performing are local act Bunkface as well as Tokio Hotel and Katy Perry. However, we want Nobody but the Wonder Girls! :)

Video of the Wonder Girls on Goom Radio
Wonder Girls shed 2 Different Tears

Wonder Girls fashion & World Tour dates


anjaniputeri said...

is this free entrance? or we hav to pay for fee entrance? ^^ aaah really excited too see this !!

Liz said...

For all MTV events, they will give out the tickets through their partners or through certain events.

Wait for the announcement, OK? :-)

nedd. said...

first of all!! GOOD JOB syd! haha. wait wait~~ Katty Perry going to perform too?? wah!! i love her.

Anonymous said...

woooooooot! can wonder girls drag 2pm with them? ^ ^;;

Ayumi said...

Thanks a bunch for the hottest scoop!
I've just read about this also from a Korean site~

Awesome! Wonder Girls are dubbed by 'US Weekly' as da next "Spicy Girls".
I listen to them all the time during my workout..
Wonder if JYP's coming here, too?

k-popped, how bout meeting them and having a short interview?!

Actually, am psychiced 'Tokio HOtel's coming to Malaysia again; they gave a live gig some time ago at Utama.
The German band, "Tokio HOtel" is huuuge around the world; their music rocks!!
Gotta get a hold of tickets as soon as possibe.:)

Orchid said...

Great job on your very first entry Syd. Welcome aboard!!!

Syd said...

Thank you!

thank you all for commenting..I'm trying my best to win a ticket to World Stage myself right now..hahahaha


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