Sunday, 4 July 2010

Rain releases Love Song in Japanese

Besides conquering the Korean pop scene, World Star Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon) attempts to penetrate the Japanese market by releasing Love Song (from his new mini album Back to the Basic) in Japanese.

Check out Rain's unmistakably husky voice in this Japanese version. It sounds very much like he's singing in Korean to me! Oh Bi, we want it in English please....

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Lei Dal Ja said...

There is already an English Version of Love Song, came out with the original album. Lyrics are kinda weird though.

Orchid said...

Oh there is? My Bad!

thanks Lei Dal Ja

Orchid said...

ok lyrics bad. Rain needs to hire a better English lyrics writer yo!

Serene said...

Yep, it's track 5 on the mini album
ee pabo had to get her copy


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